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CH Along Bangmed Laspro was born 10/6/2006 from connection Bea Miu Nan Šan and CH Dangmo Gangkar. DKK 0/0. Nice built dog with wide head, great expressed feet, strong limbs, wide and incised chest and long dark-blue hair. His hair is very heavy. He is very emphatic in guarding, attentive and intransigent. Is very proud. But he loves family and is absolutely dedicated to family. He likes small children and especially belonging to family. He is after Arog the most like to his mother.

Gabriela Vobořilová,
Trčkova 213, Mladá Vožice 39143 okr. Tábor
Phones: 607669847, 381215619,



CH Along Bangmed Laspro


22/7/2007  Along Bagmed Laspro on National dog show in Mlada Boleslav obtained
E1 and CAJC!

On the special dog show in Mlada Boleslav on 29/9/ 2007 Along Bagmed Laspro obtained in junior class E1 and CAJC and title SSW (special young show winner)

7/10/2007 on Special Internacional dog show in Ceske Budejovice Along Bagmed Laspro obtained E1 CAJC and met requirementes for obtain title JCH (junior champion).

On Czech national show in Mlada Boleslav Along
Bagmed Laspro obtained E1 CAC.

On IDS in Mladá Boleslav 31/8/ 2008
Along Bagmed Laspro obtained E2 res. CAC.

27/9/2008 on IDS in Ceske Budejovice Along Bagmed Laspro obtained E1, CAC, res. CACIB.

19/10/2008 on
national show in Brno Along Bagmed Laspro obtained E1 CAC.

26/4/2009 IDS Ceske
Budejovice, class opened, E2, res.CAC, res.CACIB.

3/5/2009 IDS Prague class opened, E1, CAC, CACIB.

19/7/2009 NDS Mladá Boleslav
Champion class E1 CAC, National winner.

8/11/2009 IDS Prague, Champion class, E2 res.CAC.





Investigation DKK


RTG Ba-sha







Arog Danpo Laspro was born 10/6/2006 from connection Bea Miu Nan Šan and CH Dangmo Gangkar.
Cock high 70 cm. DKK 1/1. Nice built dog with long, heavy and dark-blue hair, beautiful wide head and well shaped body.
Has harmonious motion and straight stand. He is self-confident and fearless. Herewith socially. He is the most similar to his mother from all descendants. Very kind to children.

Milan Hnitka, Mrač 0373,
  257 21 Poříčí nad Sázavou
telefon: 317 77 91 43
mobil: 606 796 930



Arog Danpo Laspro

14.10.2006 SV KCHMPP M. Boleslav VP1

IDS Nitra VP1

 11. 2. 2007
IDS Brno, class of youth VP1
 22. 4. 2007 IDS Ceske Budejovice, class of young, E3
 9. 6. 2007 Cl. show Mlada Boleslav, class of young E2
 19. 8. 2007 IDS Bratislava, class of young, E1 CAJC
 9. 9. 2007 IDS Brno E2
 7. 10. 2007 IDS Ceske Budejovice, class of young E4
 30. 3. 2008 Cl. show Ml. Boleslav, class opened, E1 CAC
 29. 6. 2008 IDS Brno, class opened, E2 res.CAC

14/6/2009 NDS Klatovy class opened E1 CAC, national winner - 2

20.6.2009 KVP KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav, class opened, E3.

2.5.2010 IDS Prague E2 res.CAC.




CH Árun Dagpa Laspro was born 10/6/2006 from the connection Bea Miu Nan Šan and CH Dangmo Gangkar.
DKK 1/1. Czech junior schampion, Club junior champion. Perfect built dog with strong skeleton and rounded head.
Good expressed high. Has high-quality and dense hair. Excellent movement and stand. Wide chest and strong limbs.
Has very proud for up to cautionary look. Very sharp-minded and absolutely intransigent!
Loves and defend his family. He is very similar to his grandfather.

Pavel Mostecky - Dobřejovice 146,
25101 Říčany u Prahy
tel.: 605254492


CH Árun Dagpa Laspro


II. Hana national show in Olomouc 13/01/07 VP1, BIG 3

National exhibition in Ostrava 14/04/07 E1

XIIIth International exhibition in Prague 29/04/07 E

International show Bratislava
13/05/07 E2

16th Moravian- Silesian national exhibition Brno 09/09/07 E1, CAJC

County exhibition KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav 29/09/07 E1, Class winner

International show Ceske Budejovice 07/10/07 E2

XIVth International show Prague 18/11/07 E1, CAJC

IIIrd Hana national show Olomouc 12/01/08 E2, Res. CAC

Ist International exhibition Brno 10/02/08 E1, CAC

XVth International exhibition Prague 23/03/08 E1

Club exhibition KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav
29/03/08 E2, Res. CAC

International show Ceske Budejovice 20/04/08 E2, Res. CAC

17th Moravian- Silesian national show Brno 19/10/08 E2, Res. CAC

XVIth International show Praguea 16/11/08 E2, Res. CAC

6/12/2008 Kassel NDS interclass -
Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, Jgd.CAC, BOS, BOB

IDS Brno class opened E1 CAC, CACIB.

IDS Prague, E1 CAC.

20/6/2010 open class, E1 CAC, res.CACIB.










ICH Basha Namlang Laspro was born 15/5/2007 from the connection Bea Miu Nan Šan and CH Dangmo Gangkar. DKK 0/0.
Beautiful, bulky dog with atletic stature with bulky chest and well shaped body. Straight stand of front and rear legs,
strong legs, long, heavy hair, rounded head and wide muzzle. Well setted tail.
Very successful on the shows, JCH D,PL, SK. One of the most promising dogs from Poland!

Titles: Interchampion, VDH Leipzigjugendsieger, VDH Europa Junior Winner, Polish Champion, German Junior Champion (VDH),
German Junior Champion (KTR), Slovakian Junior Champion, Polish Junior Champion, German Champion (VDH), German Champion (KTR),
 6x BOB, 15x Youth Winner, 11x Best Junior, 3x CWC/CAC,5x Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH, 3x Jgd.CAC, 2x res.CAC,
1 res.CACIB, 1x Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, 1x Best Puppy, CRUFTS qualification



ICH Basha Namlang Laspro


Glogow NDS class of youth, VP, Puppy BOB

17.02.2008 Torun NDS class of young, E1 CAJC, Youth Winner

27.04.2008 Opole IDS class of young, E1, Youth Winner

2.05.2008 Dortmund IDS class of young, Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH, CAJC, E Jgd.Sg., Junior BOB, BOB

11.05.2008 Plock NDS class of young,E1, Youth Winner

17.05.2008 Bratislava IDS class of young, V1 CAJC, Junior BOB
!!! qualification for CRUFTS !!!

25.05.2008 Giesen IDS class of young, Anw.Dt.Jun.Ch.VDH, CAJC, Junior BOB

1.06.2008 Leszno PRESTIGE IDS class of young, Junor BOB, BOB

8.06.2008 Gorzow Wlkp. NDS class of young, Junior BOB, BOB

5.06.2008 Erfurt NDS junior class, Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH, CAJC, Junior BOB

3.07.2008 Stockholm- World Dog Show- class of young, very good, I place

20.07.2008 Gdynia IDS class of young, Junior BOB, BOB

3.08.2008 Legnica IDS class of young, E1, Youth Winner

16.08.2008 Bratislava IDS class of young, V1 CAJC, Junior BOB

17.08.2008 Bratislava IDS class of young, V1 CAJC, Junior BOB

30.08.2008 Erzhausen- class of young, V1 CAJC, Junior BOB

13.09.2008 Leipzig NDS class of young, Anw.Dt.Jun.Ch.VDH, Junior BOB

14.09.2008 Leipzig NDS interclass, E, res.CAC

21.09.2008 Zielona Gora NDS interclass, E1, CAC, BOS, BOB

27.09.2008 Wroclaw IDS interclass, E1, CAC, res.CACIB

19.10.2008 Dortmund NDS interclass, E, res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH

6.12.2008 Kassel NDS interclass-
Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, Jgd.CAC, BOS, BOB

7. 2. 2009 NDS Brno interclass E1 CAC, res.CACIB.

5. 4. 2009 NDS
Ostrava class opened, E1, CAC.

31/5/2009 NDS Skupsk, class opened E1,CWC.

7/6/2009 IDS Neumunster class opened E1, res.CACIB.

19/7/2009 NDS
Mladá Boleslav class opened E1 CAC

IDS Bremen, Shampion class, E1, CAC, CACIB

2/8/2009 NDS Bremen
E1, VDH, CAC, National winner (Best male), BOB

8/8/2009 IDS
Ludwigshafen, Shampion class, E1, VDH, res.CACIB.

29/8/2009 IDS Rotterdam Shampion class, E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

NDS Zielona Gora 20/9/2009 E1, CAC, Best Male, BOB.

3/10/2009 IDS Zwolle E,CAC,CACIB,BOB

31/10/2009 MVP Hannover, Champion class, E1, CAC, KTR/CAC, CACIB, Best
Male, BOB.

25/4/2010 IDS Liegen (D) E1, VDH/CAC, KTR/CAC, CACIB, BOS.

6/6/2010 IDS Nitra GP Slovakia 2010 open class E1 CAC, res.CACIB, Slovak national beauty champion, Multichampion.

6/8/2010 IDS Druskininkai, Litva, E1, CAC, CACIB, Show Winner, Best Male, BOB.

7/8/2010 MVP Druskinkai in Litva, E1,
CAC, CACIB, Show Winner, Best Male.

14/8/2010 IDS Vejen in Denmark, E1, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB. Denmark champion.

21/8/2010 IDS Lipsko, Germany,
E1, VDH/CAC, KTR/CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB and Winner of Lipsko show 2010.

22/8/2010 IDS Lipsko, Germany, E1, VDH/CAC, KTR/CAC, Best Male, BOB.












    13/5/2009 ICH Ba-sha Namlang Laspro passed investigation DKK with result 0/0!

RTG Ba-sha




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