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Current dog show results from 4/2/2018 can be found here:

Current show results can be found here:

On February 3, 2018, at the DUOCACIB Brno International Dog Show the Rashmi Mani Princess Dharmapala and Seba Siddha Princess Dharmapala won in the Junior Class Excellent Excellent in the competition of 9 other females!

On the 8th of January 2017 GCH Dagpo Sang Se Sang obtained E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB at the International dog show in Norinberk and finished the conditions for obtaining the title of International Champion CIB (ICH).



When I some time ago read article (excerpts from book) from lady dr. Sehner "Dogs Killer - Myth, reality or idle wishes? - Mythical Tibetan mastiff", it occured me, that isn't worth it to respond this. It same certainly my colleagues from of others breeding station said.
But after next thought I change my opinion. I think with according as my opinion it is bringing wrong information among broad reader's public in view of it, that prenominat lady is writer of different books about dogs. These she according as her articles perhaps like, but some doubtless more. Why it is so, thereon must everybody respond alone. That is why I decided to refutate some untruly statements and document it by fact. Originally I would answer in some forum, where lady Sehner would respond me, where she came to her informations. However it is not possible. Now I proceed to practical refutation of lady Sehner's statements, namely in points chronological as so as she show it in her books.

1. Statement, that Tibetan people are throughout peaceable nation is absolutely true, that they never war from embrace lamaism excepting extract (conflict with Nepal, invasion Englander and protestation against China).
That they didn't need weaponry is else serene but all right then and military dogs really didn't breed.
However they breeded guard dogs!!! They guarded temples (though it is not lady Sehner's liking) and largely herds and settlements ofnomads and habitations. In Tibet, which was sparsely settled (3 inhabitants on km2) do not nomadize unfortunately only nomad, but gangs too, who plundered country. Behaviour of portly and dauntless dogs was absolute necessity for these nomad especially for times, when they move out for business into below situated towns. Tibetan mastiff protected women, children and herds and they was obliged to teach separately decide. You can only read book of travels from Marko Polo from 1295. On a visit of Chinese province Sechuan Mark Polo met Tibetian businessmans guided those dogs. He write verbatim: "In this province they have dog race so bold and bad, that two dogs are able to assault lion. When lion appears, dogs attacking with big courage and lion is powerless in face of them." Further your can read books of Italian Jesuit Ippolit Desideri "Trip to Tibet". He write verbatim: "Strange and really unusually is majority local doggery, they have black, a little longer lustrous hair, they are biggish and bulky, violent appearance and its voice is hector.
They are usually tethered on chain to look-out. When the stranger enter the house, run risks big danger, if somebody don't come from home and drive dog away. For businessman, who travel with many animals and load, are absolutely sufficient to look-out two such dogs...." Similar experiences the other travelers and zoologist describe, which met Tibetan mastiff in Tibet.
From another e.g. Samuel Turner, full member of Indic society, who travelled over Tibet in the year 1783.
Further J. D. Hooker in the year 1850. Or English mate George Bogle, who waged mission over Tibet as well as Swedish traveller Sven Hedin in the year 1906 – 8. Everyone describe TM like "huge, extremely wild, strong and noisy dogs."
Even today in southwest Tibet you can meet Tibetan mastiff same as those in our country near nomad.
You can read for example an article on internet address htp://
I am pointing out, that in contradistinction to Nepal, Bhutan, India (northern), where TM is breeded and where is breeding
controlled, it isn't among Tibetian nomad.

2. On statement, that Tibetan mastiff she could not exist behaviour, because she could not eat beard offer, that and today in modern breeding it can be get pasturage, (it is possible put vegetarian) which leak beard like major component protein and substitute is other. This pasturage are not today nobody's unusual. Not only monkhood in cloister, but and simple Tibetan people from them is more then half they are nomad (Ngolok and Gurung), yourself they could not permit feed her Tibetan mastiff paste, because JACI they are above all animals on milk and cheese and as late as then at serve out on beard. Of that had ourselves so little, that yourself with difficulty they could have permit eat feed her doggery. Feed is milks, which Tibetian doggery toleration far better than cow's, cheese, curd, whole rice and vegetables. Lastly counsel lady Sehner. Just in browser order term "vegetable diet for doggery" and will you with separatrix what of that you will find!! Incidentally budhist monkhood in Mongolic cloister behaviour since the days of third dalajlama, when start off by Tibet boiling hot terms Mongolic doggery (Khonch Nokhoi), next of kin TM (incidentally according to zoologist derivable with maximum probability from TD) so be about no-wherewith feed. Incidentally for example panda, though too generically carnivora, with hot virtually only vegetable fare. Lastly ones of the producer of such fare: HTTP://

3. Till naively looks this statement: "...How its location, so typical behaviour herdsman she should have and has Tibetian dog natality into bandog long way." TD wasn't never 100% pastoral dog, but how it was said above all dog gatekeepers. Pasturage be its inferior imposition. Thereon had and somewhere even shall they nomad other doggery. Difference among TM it is possible consecrate slightly, only would man had to want something read, eh TM is natural race and as such has sundry expenses line. Then Tsang Khyi, Do Khyi, Khyi Apso. Is it equal for example near Samojed, where they are three line - from them two how exist behaviour in special-interest breeding namely wolfish and bear. In the event of TM it was largely Do Khyi, whereas this title with deep-rooted like original tag for Tibetian bandog, which incidentally Americans and Englishmen give a name Tibetan Mastiff, which is tag perhaps about something more accurately. Further with using initially in smaller measurement Tsang Khyi. Majority Europeans with beyond up Tibet she could not at all freely move and hence nor watch TM in places her almost even intacta life. When that already to someone let in, so 'd determination route, or with groupuscule must have been Chinese sight!
Lady Sehner perhaps escape, that in Tibet up invasion Mao Ce Thung military and genocide transaction his red guard was 3/4 TM in Tibet word for word massacre. Isn't then already possible show through throughout full of eye-appeal, especially at misery and compression man in the street, who have not ourselves what eat! Only nomad, largely in southwest Tibet they are even thereon a little better. Beyond province Amdo and Khan, which belong to from time out of mind to Tibet already today are not part of nor so-called autonomous areas, but was annexet to China. See. map on our pages. TM there behaviour today largely reasonable Chinese they are already led in breeding Chinese cynology organization. Only in these two region you can out of Nepal, Bhutan, India (northern)and Thajwan see TM in full of eye-appeal so, apparently in Europe and America.

4. On kick, that TM couldn't be in cloister am already a little up respond and addition into the bargain this.
In the year 1904 was Englisch peoples form campaign into Tibet, to here (at least according to official version) negotiation trade agreement.Leader was expert easter Asia colonel Yonghusband. On ways was campaign about of a number of 3000 man obliged many a time fight. Later Englishmen, just as like native servicemen self-confessed, that in struggle perish much doggery. Villager, who were obliged with haste leave her home, disengage her doggery from chain. Servicemen for fear about bare livelihood on doggery shooting. Officers then assert, that that doggery present no the hopping best type. The according to they and according to colonel Yonghusband was possibility see largely in cloister!! Beyond with those expedition parties concerned major Doughall, which got in Lhasa exquisite Tibetian mastiff with in the name of Bhoetan. Was it dog and is photographic, imposing and historical documented. 'D loathing in face of foreign man, women however safeguard against lice forcibility. Major Doughall own beyond bandog with in the name of Lhasa, which was exposure on national exhibition in Birmingham.

Thereof, that TM with really in cloister offer exist much verification. Is necessity yourself inform, that in terms of Chinese inbreak in the year 1950, resulting genocide, especially then after a year 1959, when was Tibetian cloister bombed and pointing demolition (from original 6000 them be left only 80 !!!), Tibetan mastiff as part of Tibetian culture and tradition was shooting and with that their breeding in towns repression. It is of that in Tibet off limits much. For example and people's jubilee and much by other for us self-evident thing. Who with about situation in Tibet in own line and read e.g . Tibetinfo: ( HTTP:// ) on internet have cognizance of predicable talk. Well and holiday Saga Dava is Chinese eyesore. For sb.'s part breeding in cloister just with view on some parallel and shall immediately at home. Since the days of third Dalajlama they are Mongolian people and Tibetian friendly peoples. Mongolic dog (Khonch Nokhoi)) is perhaps unrelated dog to TM. From mentioned time with behaviour in Mongolic budhistic cloister e.g . and in cloister Bawgai Amarbayasgalan. Then here have not budhistic monkhood problems and in Tibet yes..?!.. !...Beyond English officers didn't have reason tell lies and manufacture eyewash. Already with reference to their officer's honour, which go in for them foreign exchange upper-most!!!

5."Tibetan mastiff, what know today, then isn't antique, original race, partly nature or cultivation Tibetian monk, but record roughly centenary cultivation European dogman." Purposely quote this rigmarole (unfortunately other expression for this shan't). TM with in Europe today behaviour very 29 flight!!! No more not less. In America is it likewise. In England was TM carriage English Queens Victoria in the year 1830. King Edward VII. take two in the year 1874. Yourself-ring was long allowed to be pattern eye-appeal. Was many a time exposure. Exist his painting. Charles Henry Lane describe Siring in her books "About dogs" and description in extenso matches standard TM. It was earliest import TM into Europe and not leave offspring. It is impossible talk nor by mistake about no breeding. In the year 1924 lady Bailey import from Tibet four TM two doggery and two bitch. General Duncan dispatch to England doggery Gyamdruk, black with tingle. Unfortunately this attempt died. It is impossible then again talk of no breeding!! Further attempt was edgewise lady P. Bridgen in the year 1981. Unfortunately bitch die in quarantine.Only in the year 1982 was her further attempt successful (24 flight). In France begins breeding 1979 doggery Pric Casanova breath Desaäl (27 flight). In Holland in the year 1977 doggery Tashi and bitch Nima (29 flight). Into USA pervasion first TM in the year 1958 to chairman Eisenhowerovi. Continuation with however holg not. First dog in racial books USA is Jumla´s Kalu of Jumla from of the year 1967. Continuation with practised as late as rock 1976 (30 flight). In Tschek republic is the first doggery in racial books bitch Fuji-Asia des Mille Vallées in the year 1991 (15 flight). About some cultivation in terms of crossing with other race cannot exist nor speech. All clubs alive below FCI and USA with bind prevent any crossing or and import with doubtful native. Beyond country, that would to those step grab would was edgewise FCI instantly infliction of. No club and incrustation any national cynology organization inclusive of our CMKU yourself this illicit!!!
Tibetan mastiff be in past in Tibet only selectioned (that is to say selection stallion individuals suitable definite requirements) namely largely from standpoint character, then dauntless , bulky, and at the expense of life preclusive territory, folk and possession inclusive herd how. Today in Europe, USA, Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, Tchajwan, Canada and Venezuela, where's controlled special-interest breeding, with sight more on location. Z standpoint character they are TM already behind 4000 flight so standstill, that is you needn't their leading role at all teach!

6. A be about further pearl! "Nor wild chink-ancestry Tibetan mastiff, nor her uncultivated „poor" relatives, nor she herself never weren't and are not no giant cur dog with requisite minimum materiality 80 kg!.....atd." Every experienced dogman certainly know, that near natural knacker doggery is difference among bitch and doggery considerably greater than near knacker by other. But and bitch notching of this materiality 50 KG. Height minimum 61 cm near doggery 66 cm but heed. Doggery with highs 66 cm with sees indeed little! Standard boundless anyhow near by other knacker maximum highs nor yoke doggery and bitch, that's just it, that with discuss race natural. In the country origin mete dog TM till 110 cm in tap. Transaction with indeed about line Tsang Khyi or Khyi Apso. Documentation all right then campaign princ Orleans and G. Bonvalot in 50. flight past century or research our zoologist Vaclav Fuchs ("all kinds of doggery in a word and picture.Prague 1903). Average height TM doggery is 71 cm and as high as 78 cm see e.g . not long ago tragic late Drakyi Senge Sundarí from stallion station Sundarí. Or further Feros Min des Mille Vallées. See e.g . publication Tibetian bandog lady Renata Černochova or Tibetan Mastiff from lady Jarmila Bendova. Both they are renowned breeder with old experience and know what write!!! Then word for word from books lady Renata Černochova: "average pup Tibetan mastiff do you have yoke c. 500G. This scale presto soars, in eight for weeks weigh already 8 KG. During 1st of the year life his scale up near bitch approximately on 40 - 50 KG and near doggery on 50 - 70 KG. Scale it can be indeed and higher, consists in highs doggery or bitch. During 1st of the year too most markedly growing into highs, biggest growth go in phase among 4. and 9. months. Nor up achievement age one's of the year however isn't development Tibetan mastiff quite termination, further become strong and bulky, develop and up mental pages. Development go termination till ages of three, near doggery tetra flight. ...."..Then she imaginary limits 80 KG is pelt with such individuals what am prenominat. Then for juxtaposition only dog about highs 71 cm has at strong frame yoke 65 KG. See. for example CH Dangmo Gankar. Agya Ransi Nan Šan has at small highs 61 cm yoke 47 KG. Bea Miu at highs 64 too, but them of year younger! Has only two years. On documented see. e.g . French cynology aspect: HTTP:// so that considering reader yourself certainly present, how much can weigh dog about withers highs 78 cm with strong frame!!! So that would like to see figurant, that would standstill jump doodad doggery (males) about those vase. Incidentally would all the time nor onslaught bitch. I will not here now convey how intelligent dog as is TM attack. I suggest, that it isn't Alsatian, which stereotyped repeat screen, which him teach, so that practically forethought what will do. Beyond near gatekeepers doggery depends more on acceleration onslaught and nimblenness. It's quality near so bulky doggery what is the TM very admirable. Incidentally Alsatian has lower door-step excitability beyond TM, so that cases, that Alsatian make for folk with offer, near TM never! Never would not assault without causes! Behind thereby yourself state. Incidentally of action dog is in today's modern cynology so unwise term, that him they can use only "divers" people. Of action dog were at first molloss doggery for the occasion train and unfortunately and harassment and exploitation in struggle ancient military. In detail is it unwinding in branch "story TM" on our pages. Were according to zoologist brought up largely very from Tibetan mastiff (wasn't it already Tibetan mastiff in itself). Today unfortunately to doubtful "amusement" what they are dog matches. Otherwise race of action dog don't know and nor cannot. Only divers people so started box one race, but perhaps would was better box is. Better solving near one race, which shall they lower door-step excitability would was psychological trial and resulting certificate. But look here ! No of those doggery, but people! So many to those interrogation.

7. "Tibetian doggery never from Tibet no-removed heels, namely thanks life and thinking - isolationism - his mister!" It is full address quotation. Indeed what hereto add. About import Tibetan mastiffs am already wrote, incidentally and Marco Polo yourself from his ways bring into Venice Tibetan mastiff. Before him it was Alexander Great with about lot more bandog. They that is TM, how already it was said, boil only in Tibet, but and in northern India, where Alexander visit. Offspring those Alexander "cynology" mission given least third basis mollos European and rest of the world. From Tibet, Nepal and of others original country they are TM imports and today, especially up mild modulation situation in Tibet. Chinese yourself inform, that Tibet is and from standpoint tourist for them good article and suppose, that repression it can be already reduce. Nevertheless is situation in Tibet all the time unsatisfactory!
Impugn diffusion TM further west Asia and into Europe is serene, because him scientific add of such capacities from enclosure zoology as is W. Tschudy, Max Siber, A. E. Brehm, J. B. Walsh (Stonehenge) in former times and next zoologist extant. Impugn paintings , that are in direct context with definite newsmaker is also peliculiar. Mentioned Lobsang Rampa, whose here will not convey, never no impeach capacity as TM in culture and life Tibetian nation.

Lastly purveyance, that that bombastic message as to TM in mentioned books me accrue like infirm touch-down Neil Armstrong and his garrison on months. Some people, who with want a little from any causes unhide declare, that the whole "theatre" slip in Nevada desert. Never me this episode lot remind of. Nothing it will however change thereon, that Tibetan mastiff in view of irreversible actualities will stay living legend!