Amithaba Reba Laspro

was born 10-6-2006
in breeding station Laspro





Amithaba Reba Laspro was born 10-6-2006 in breeding station Laspro. Cock high 62 cm meanwhile.


CH Dangmo Gangkar was born in breeding station Gangkar (Slovak republic, breeder Martina Hudcovičová),
always he was assessed on national and international shows in superlatives. Splendid representative of racial. He has unexceptionable, high and bulky stature strong frame and gorgeous wide head. He has very dense and black hair with beautiful expressive tingle. Well - balanced character. HV, in, 2x CAJC, 5x CAC, 3x resCAC, 2x resCACIB.


Bea Miu Nan Šan is exquisite, dark-blue female with expressive gamboge tint and characters above eyes.
She has precise formed head, inquisitive, sovereign look and dominant behaviour. She has strong frame, she is standard muskuluse, she has darkly brown eyes, well built and well roll angled body. Well hard - set tail unexceptionable longitude, that is of freely and very thick fell. She has long, very dense hair. Very dominant bitch. Assessed mostly always unexceptionable, champion eye - appeal candidate.

Amithaba Reba Laspro is darkly blue, fine roll angle young bitch with exquisite long and dense hair, orange tint and light
brown eyes. Has perfect roll angle limbs. Has fine expressed freeze and generous chest. She is flexible rate and nimble on
the move. Very intelligent and inquisitive bitch. Very promising.



28.1. 2007 IDS Trencin Cacib Class juvenils VP2 (very promising)

Missing Since 8.9.2007


Amithaba Reba Laspro
spring 2007



Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007                     Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007

Amithaba               Amithaba

Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007                     Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007
Amithaba               Amithaba
Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007                     Amithaba Reba Laspro spring 2007
Amithaba               Amithaba


8. 9. 2007 a huge unhappiness befelled to us. On walk along the Srbská street and Slovanian square, where in that time triggered fireworks, Amita escaped from collar and ran along football stadium in the direction of north. Even over intensive search to the almost morning time we couldnt find her to this very day. Indescribable sorrow and fear spread to the our souls, what happened with ours young lady. She ran as a matter of fact almost near home. Since that time assisting us to search municipal police Brno, state police, Bohemian and Moravian hunting unity (all Moravian federations), shelters and so on. Finally it was released step by step reward in final height 1.000,- EU. Even for information leading to find her 500,- EU.
Also for verifiable information about her death 150, -
EU I hope it will not happen. Her mummy despairs and always searches its daughter. We trust that we will find her together with help of good people in the end, and we will inform at once.


Information specifying our Amithaba:

withers high 64 cm, weight at the time inrun 40 kg, tattoo issue in ear 658, number microchip 961001000036116, ownes of dog Petr and Iveta Jirgal, colour blue and tan and characters above eyes, on breast small white sign shaped unequal cross. She hasn't collar, hence nor mark with registration number of town parts Kralovo Pole.

 She don't like dense transport, herself will not rush in to the MHD or bus, abeam intto the car rather will not jump in, to the back of boot not to like. If she restrains freely outdoor (which already is this time less probable) will restrain near water sources. If you have got anybody some report, hand it please on e-mail,  on phone  776-274-417, 774-146-996 or to the questbook. Thanking in anticipation to all for pertinent help.



Like response on introduction current data awards in the press we serve this message. "this price is only orientation and in addition in maximum height for pup in Tom - why age with PP výstavně appreciated and with groundwork preserved. Funds origin was from comprehensible reasons blocked and clubs cover TD about situation well - informeds. Without them award for retrieval then surpasses real price of this situation!!!"


New knowledges

Of the day 9.2. 2008 it was reported again that Amitha was seen in society of
human on walk from quarters Komín (Brno) direction to the airport. We please all
kind people which saw bitch to check tattoo
issue and eventually call state or town police. Tattoo
issue and microchip see height. (or follow that human to the place of residence) 
reward 1.000,- EU still pays!!!


 Of the day   30. 10. 2007 was reported that she was on 100% seen between Komin and airport Komin, how she is guided on quidance with man from Olbracht square around gardens towards to the airport. All - time she was on quidance. 

18. 10. was reputedly seen in park in Komin (in reality it was female dog Hasky).  

15. 10. was mistakenly reported from colleges VUT Palacky vrch (in reality it was maverick bitch of Caucasian pastoral dog).  
   Further was seen 8. 10. namely at once two - time, how she drinks near headwaters. In 10:00 in the morning and then in

  20:00 in the evening. For the first time on further side, next time on nearlier. 

7. 10. in 10:30 was seen a few metres from place of last sight namely near Billa in Reckovice

(rather near chemist below her). Few metres from here is well, which is important drinkable source.
   Here goes 100% certainty to drink! 

30. 9. she was seen in 6:45 on crossroads Zitna and Vranova.  

24. 9. she was seen at the same time on Slovanian square on sublime free space gravel and attractions for children. 

22. 9. she was seen in 17.00 near block A02 on collges VUT under Palackého hill.