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Doges race shall they very rich and gay past. Projection with in her . dramatic development several millennium, fate whole nation, their discharge, rise and fall, and fate personality, like was Cingischan, Xerxes, Alexander large or „irons" chancellor Bismarc, who state at the helm of his nation and led is to glory or fall.

German bandog indicate breeder art, also hot testimony past age. In lived bandog circulate blood ancestral, who with once tramp in cruel climatic conditions, in dangerous inhospitable highs Tibetian Himalaje. Those original ancestry bandog and of all doggery cross over into history human society below total mark Tibetian bandog.  

Gyantse - Tibet

Tibetian bandog remind of its phenomenon black Tibetian wolf, from with derive. Feature bulky physique, rich coat, broad heads and big perpendicular ears. To look at wake admiration for and respect. Used with her and perhaps with even using like mobile home packhorse, to look-out heat of castle, habitation and to hunt ox, how et al. big animals.

Old homeland bandog is then inhospitable limit in himalaje alp. A here somewhere begins trudge panoply glory and horrors. Fundamental typical bodily and character characteristics was hereditary so fixation and was so conclusive, that with in principle in humanization aspect preserved until today's time. This very hereditary characteristics bandog it was, which helping trace up her own fate along whole millennium, though in protocol they are frequently hundreds of years old spaces.

Original written report about Tibetian bandog proceed from of the year 1121 before Christ. In Chinese books Su-King with show in, that trunk Liu, resident on the mountain west from China, sent Chinese emperor Wouwangov gift Tibetian bandog in the name of Ngae. Was it dog educated to vexation and killing people - fugitive.

     Tibetian bandog with progress time get to others neighbouring nation. Spokewise with extend into of all as regards. Used with her to hunt big animals and for wartime purposes. Change environment and utilize and crossing with native species doggery with her phenomenon change, but fundamental distinctiveness keep by. How with get into the hands of by other and next nation, change into and her mark.

Z original hunting-dog with bandog more and more change in doggery wartime. Become symbol force. Old Sumerove and Asyrane decorate her picture border milestone, palace and temple. Chaldejan king guide bandog at his discharge. Was take down adversely horsemen from grass-hopper, bring into confusion into order infantryman and removing be for country. When Persian king Kambyses in the year 524 p.n.l. dig for Egypt, slung large quantity of action doggery on Egyptian bowman. Doggery contribute to his victory and to fermentation mature Egyptian empire. It already Tibetian bandog pervasion from cold Himalaje down into warm lowlands, into Nepal, India, Persia and until Babylonie. Once longwoolled doggery with suit to climatic conditions so is finally glory in like doggery short-haired, because in burning subtropical conditions was long and rich hair on inconvenience.


     Large, explosive warrior antiquity, Persian king Xerxes using against river big of action doggery. At the Battle near Salamis with however his conqueror moonshine curl up. Conflict lost and like loser assailant with had to return home. Part his military however was section from his of the chief squad in the area Epiru. This slash-grain wood inhabit trunk Molossanu, who Persian troops nail, but their doggery yourself leave in. Not take a long time and their doggery with state unexceptionable business article. Monarch, prince and nobles treat as interrogation her prestige, to own sufficient in numbers doggery from Epiru, them with start call epir or molossti doggery. Since was export doggery very yielding, had Molossane intrest, to them nobody no-compete. That is why sell entirely only males, never no bitch. Build up so monopoly, which was funds big revenue.



Monopoly with successful Molossanum keep over one hundred years. Until with molosska princess Olympias espouse Moroccan king Filipa when that with her in the year 356 p.n.l. nativity son Alexander, catch it gift from his parents kennel. Their offspring accompany then later Alexander large on his discharge into fore Asia and into India.


Among king, which yourself Alexander large subject, was too Indic king up-Russian-Sofites. This king play card right diplomat. When with Alexandr troops near, went off king from her residence foreign conqueror head and brought to him valuable gifts, between them too 150 large doggery. Were it doggery long way greater than doggery epirsti. Show oneself, that doggery epirs behind one hundred years her domestication atrophy. Indic doggery, which Alexander got gift, build body long way bulky and feature major courage and warlikeness. These doggery bring Alexander large into Macedonia. Contribute to recreation krve house-dog. Their offspring with call supermolosske bandog.

Alexander large 'd doggery evidently with pleasure. When to him die his last dog, give a name up he Indic town Peritas.

I biggies dying and Alexandr empire with sometimes break up. His doggery with state inheritance single prince so with catch it moloss bandog into whole world, into Dark Continent as well as long way west. Elyrsti seafarers - pirates is imported too into Roma. Here enter upon moloss bandog further ways behind glory. Römish legionary with them preserve limits and used is in conflict against its adversary.

When Romans recharge Britain below commandership Galia Julia Cesara, find there of action doggery with broad head. Were even wildest beyond doggery moloss, had with them however numerous common feature. Their aboriginal come through like.



Romans extend her of action doggery north into Alps and on territory north of Alps. In Alps is climate reminiscent Himalayas, that is why with there this doggery was thrive very well. Mixed with house-dog originate Swiss chaletens doggery and doggery santbernard.

At the time bloom Romish empire was favourite matches doggery with wild animals in arena. At first with to this contest used mollosan bandog, later English bandog imported from Britain. English bandog was even raging beyond bandog mollosan, that is why supply doggery from Britain quickly grow up. For its steerage was identified special mate, which 'd title procurator cynegii.

From Romane with bandog catch it to other nation, against nimz Römische fight. Dog breeding yourself develop especially Kelt, Galove, that is of after the fashion of Rimanu train above all for wartime purposes. From Kelt assumed bandog Germani, that is of too shelter like wartime doggery.

     On the other hand Slav bandog perhaps ignorant. In Slavic development with remains these doggery find out. Reserve create myth about Neklanove conflict with Lucany on Turske field, at lucanst fighter using big doggery and bird of prey up Germanic way. Further allusion is fragment poetry Carmina Salisburgensis from 9. century, that is of Slavic origin. Describe doggery size strong bandog, to into light plough.

Ancient bandog pervasion and into religion. According to one’s myth doggery, coming from the exit, originate with animals, which household gods volcano formed from lava and paid is haves pl) Jupiter.

For its remarkable phenomenon was bandog frequent mock-up artistic creation. Find oneself smoothing stone from time stone, on which primitive artist represent doggery dogoviteho type. In used Greece was bandog frequent motive on vase, coin and gemach. On these illustration come through short snout, pleat cranial and facial skin, overhanging lip, dermatic bag below lower palpebra and bulky stature.

Too in ancient literary work they are mention of bandog very frequent. Write about them especially Aristoteles, Britannicus, Diodorus, Falisous, Herodot, Horacius Lucretius, Oppian, Strabo, Xenofon and next.


How already know, radiate bandog from Tibet spokewise thoroughly. Eastwards into China, Nippon and Indic islands, southwards into Nepalu, India, further into Persia, Babylonie, Egypt, Greece, Roma further west and north. Behind time faro bandog evidently in Egypt even wasn't, get there till later. Second direction penetration west went over central Asia and Russia into easter Europe. About this ways with deserved famous Cingischan, which bandog fetch with its hunan tribes until Europe, above all into Hungarian lowlands. Descendant these doggery know today like komondory and next Hungarian national race.

In the Middle Ages with bandog exert like indispensable aides at hunt on grande ravenous animals, above all on boar, wolf, bear and like bodily guard prince and magnate. In this respect with celebrate in latter time bandog you-knacker chancellor Bismarck, which 'd bandog or and more bandog all the time in her immediate vicinity.

     Gun change hunting method. Deer-hound lose foundation, numerous pack with solution and single doggery with get among civil strata of the population. So with little by little from pronouncedly lord's doggery, doggery castle mister and knight, loom dog guard, dog ductile, dog company and dog luxury. Mostly yourself him favourite drover, who were all the time on ways and have need of protector, exciting respect.

Once with lay stress on military and hunting applicability, on bodily yoke, courage and force. Demand with carcassing body, coarse hair, bulky head and strong neck, courage, rampancy, biting and hardihood. When with bear, wolves and boar state say about past, change demand on face doggery and his character. Mould with from coarse form and passage with to noble and elegant forms. Too demand on character confess substantial changes, requested with dog softer character, that would was able to narrower symbiosis in terms of families.

Way from aboriginal Tibetian bandog up today's elegant, noble bandog German was long and complicated. Varied face, change into character, change into working exercise. All with change, but yet fundamental distinctiveness stay preservation. Is it above all bulky physique, broad skull, whose skin show propensity to rugosity and strong neck. These elements of vibrate and keep by and nevertheless, that from original uniform type with mature grande series race, them call doggery dogenen or molossoid. Its exteriors with with each other considerably distinguish, but nevertheless is join definite common feature.

So with from original Tibetian bandog mature English bandog yclept mastiff, Spanish bandog yclept grease, bandog bordeauxs, Cuban, Japanese, Argentine, bulldog English and French bulldog, pug, coach dog, pug, bernardyn, Swiss salasen doggery, leonberger, dog newfundland, rotvajler, indeed German bandog and next race.


Fragmentary we are pass mosaic preterite. Grown and fadeaway in them empire, flourish and decline whole peoples, up which frequently no stay nothing but pile stone debris. A at of all of those metamorphoses and reversion take part in bandog. Her record come in handy to and bad, according to of what whose arm her lead. Behind it bad her we mustn't charge, exert only will man, bottle only his command.
Till with encounter with majestic bandog, or till will you watch its bandog, beautiful and noble, noble and at the same time fine and genial, recall, that face hot representative past, stretch more than three thousands of years back. Is it aristocratic race. Noble and beautiful!






Article taken from breeding station German bandog Bonoda.