Tibetian Mastiff

 Tibetian Mastiff




Come under insider molossoid race. Is covered legend and mystery, as well as country from where originate from. It is possible yourself her buy, but her friendship and adherence to yourself you must deserve. I her origin is and up to the present day object of many year's standing conjecture. Is likely to predecessor of all big doggery as are e.g . bernardyn, newfundlanden, Neapolitan grease, rotvajler and so on However is her origin obscure is be sure, that is concerned aged race, whose appearance and character with along hundreds of years old only very little of switched. Tibet is up to the present day very insulated and Asiatic peoples yourself very well storage its culture, whose part of they are and those doggery. Heavy expenses bandog with freely tail carry on back glory in on relievo derivable from period 2 000 flight pr. n. l., Chinese protocol talk (1 100 pr. n. l.) about big doggery from Tibet, whose got gift cisas Wou Wang. This dog was especially wild and educated against foreignes. First Europeans, which with meeting with Tibetian bandog, was Marco semi. During her ways China with meeting with Tibetian businessman and their doggery. Those doggery at him very take effect. Describe them as gorgeous and bold animals. No scare with nor wild bull, who they are especially sorely. Talk of doggery big like asses. Is however possibly remark, that asses, which Marco semi describe, it is impossible confront with asses, which know today. Be sure is, that Tibetian bandog Marca Pola charm. Haves coat and bold behaviour is in his notions do long way major, beyond in reality was. One's doggery yourself along bring into Europe. Was it first copy hereof racial, which with got on European continent. Since lapse series century, beyond was Tibetian bandog rediscovery English colonizer India or Nepal, who be in a position with with them meeting on tour of Tibetu. In his entry of these ways is represent as heavy expenses wild doggery, who at night vigil whereupon village. Their imposition is choke off entrance into village any intruder. Tibetane yourself very weigh his doggery, because preserve their building and cattle. For foreignes was as it were impossible obtain some of the these unique doggery. Buy Tibetian bandog was absolutely exclusion, only one meaningful personality with her catch it gift. For example princ Edward VII. got couple these doggery en route into India. His dog in the name of yourself-ring was later very well I know a cynology public and was with success exposure. Infancy 20. century was several these doggery was importing major Duncan and Dougal. Some of the they very badly toleration climatic changes and very early in Europe die. About nativity tetra puppys in London Zoo in the year 1912 get in with periodical Our bandog. In the year 1933 with successful outbound puppys English breeder lady Bailey, which yourself bring from his stay in Tibetu on the whole four Tibetian bandog. Best-known from their outbound is dog sharpen and bitch Tonya. Unfortunately her endeavor interrupt war. On her breeding tie up in England as late as rock 1983. Very known they are as well import count Szecheny. Nor him with however unsuccessful outbound pup. In Czech cynology literature describe Tibetian bandog Vaclav Fuchs in her books,,All sorts doggery in a word and picture" from of the year 1903: ,,Mastiff Tibetian, fearful huge, of all doggery most bulky, which reside in mysterious sky-high scalar Tibet in central Asia and be a bugbear people and ravenous animals, nodread with nor tiger nor anaconda. Is it sorely canine, talented terrible by force and well courage. Tibetian mastiff as high as highs 110 cm and resembles mostly doggery newfundlanden, but his hair is swash-buckler and rough. Strong labia, deep sunken eyes and mane hair on back supplied by Tibetian mastiff expression extremely wild, almost ghastly. Hooves they are strong, shaggy tail is bent nose-up, hair is black ball or nigger-brown. Tibetian mountaineer with successful outbound pup these mastiff in semi-barbarous doggery on look-out village, on hunt tiger and ibex and on services military." Not only, that with breeding Tibetian bandog in Europe no prosper, but and in the country origin their number sank. Up Chinese inbreak much these doggery perish. At present be in Tibet rare. Thanks enthusiasm dogman in USA, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland with successful this hot fable save.




Tibetans yourself always weigh his doggery, nevertheless is tying on chain from under age two month. Their behaviour was incomprehensible for Europeans, who Tibet visit with. Allude to the and major Duncan, which import several Tibetian bandog into England. ,,Is special, that Tibetane,who they are peaceable and kindly nation and big dogman, tying her doggery on chain and does not appear them it cruel. Biggest houses and cloister in Tibetu shall they near entrance hold two Tibetian bandog, which never no-mould. When with somebody put near, wildly bark and asparagus chains at every movement. Tibetane rate as doggery as part of equipment habitation and unthinking yourself, that with them badly handle. Doggery they are attachment to chain from under puppy's age and systematically is exercises-to atrocities. Other in words, value doggery is formulation his ability exist bad. I trust, that if was Tibetian bandog behaviour else et al. way, was would much friendly and snuggling, well they are it gorgeous and intelligent creature." For Tibetian peasant and monk had doggery definite clear-cup keepership, hence them accrue normal doggery tying. Z those matter follow their famous wild behaviour, which was many a time described in contemporary book of travels.Tibetian bandog have had as well behind imposition preserve herd and accompany caravan. I at this vagabond life yourself treasure up high mature instinct for wardships his territory, his herd, his tent. Everything, what's foreign is thought of enemy and assaulted. Tibetian bandog always beyond charge at, warn against. Has especially deep and sonorous voice, unhappiness often, nor uselessly, but when warn against, is in politics everybody's this warning follow. Reserved behaviour in face of stranger is her distinctiveness, as well as unswerving adherence to in face of its mister. In Tibet were doggery often without problem handled small children. I today they are children with them snug. Tibetian bandog yourself cut of others doggery, if her directly unchallenged. Is a little sealed, brazen out very greatly. Tag after balls not considers to be the behind best amusement and leave about her it undisturbed. When with however return somebody from her families home up shorter absence, her joy doesn't know purview. Too unpleasant changes in his daily mode. I food for choice is given in the same place. Agree with her undisturbed environment, only there with he feels certainly. Is very suspicious and nervousness near she evokes uncertainty and sensation jeopardy. Will not ideal doggery for you, who demand headless obedience. Principle good dog behaviour encompassment without problem, when with begins in time. Is not that however dog for service training. Connatural sense of wardships from she does good watchman without further training. Is very teachable and intelligent. Abuse however isn't on the spot. Unfair punishment her very knock off. No forget nor good nor bad. Is it dog personality and as such her we have to take. Is very hygieneminded. Nor with foods too loiter away. Everything, what to do, do in calm and designedly. Tibetian bandog is incarnate reliability, certainty and adherence to.


Text taken from book "Tibetian bandog" from Renata Černoch


Tibetian dog and children

Tibetian dog respects all living beings, which pertain to family (in her eyes to kennel). Especially children (in her eyes young ones) she is enduring without reservations and tolerance to them very much. From the beginning it is better to watch over their common games. Even to alien children she is very easy-going, even if she is not so much as to the family. To aliens is very suspecting. But if she doesn't like something allways expresses it very clearly. Doesn't protect only holdings and territory of her family (kennel) but even all living and children especially. You must take care if some alien wants to caress Your child in presence of her coz can meet with very unpleasant reaction. TD is rather suspicious and even if she seemingly doesn't notice things, she's though very attentive and alert. She's ready for lay down even her life for her family!

Crow Cha Ghata Sema Dharmapala and little Patko.






                                                                 Balu Summer 2009

Along and Elli                                                  Buwa and Misa

Ba-sha      Ba-sha
Ba-sha and neighbour's children

Ba-sha      Ba-sha
Ba-sha and neighbour's children

Ba-sha Ba-sha
Ba-sha and neighbour's children

Ba-sha and neighbour's children

Ba-sha and neighbour's children

Agama Dharmapala

Agama Dharmapala

Ádi and little Libuska

Ádi and little Libuska

Ádi and little Libuska

Ádi and little Libuska

nanny Ádi Dharmapala

Tibetian dog and other animals

Bongo and Lucy

Bongo and Lucy

Bongo and Ema


Care of TD puppy after coming to new owner

Puppies Tibetian mastiffs are from under his youth expressive personalities and it is necessary them inscribe to appropriate attention and care.

With Urichostrongylus with puppy can meeting already in face of and post natal - their funds it can be mother, that is of can relay. That is why is necessary pup preventative wormed, namely: every 14 days until 3 month ( e.g . Banminth paste), up of that behind three months and subsequently 1X in six months (tablet - e.g . Caniverm, Zipyran, Ambex, Lopatol, Drontal, Cestal etc.)

Flea be not only uneasy parasite, but and medium different illness. Ixodes, which they are redoubtable medium Lymes borreliosis and ixodes encephalitic, they are further very frequent ektoparazit annoying us and ours doggery. Danger period they are spring and autumn. As well as here’s important prevention in practice efficient wardships doggery behind using effective ektoparazitis. Best experience we've with fixturing Frontline, that is of fit pup apply in practice spray, in later age in practice connection.

I near Tibetian bandog get past preventative clean ears special drop. Of the best experience we've with fixturing Otifree by company Vetoquinol.

Eyes get past clean preventative 1X a week (is-if with them ok). Unexceptionable preparation is Ophtho-Lavas sol. from firm Vetoquinol. Dropping by rote float away junk and eye disinfectionet. As far as with discovers flare or outflow it is necessary visit with your veterinary doctor.

Teeth get past clean special tooth paste designed for doggery, because they are enzymatic and dental plaque solution. Bad they are human! Growe up dental stove is necessary already remove, preferably scan. Excellent tooth paste for doggery be by firm Virbac "Enzymatic Toothpaste".

Brushing pup transaction preferably every day (minimum however once a week) special brush on pup with long hair. Especially pay attention to precinct behind ears, in bend on body and on tail. Combing slow fine drawing, softly and Puppy up act in due form compliment. Starting back till to spring from tail, side then combing down. Bathing unattended, only in the last resort and then advise use shampoo firm Virbac ALLERCALM 250ml (Pruritis) *.

Pup occasional checking and catchpoll on whose making affect as well correct diet. At complication chances of their natural grinding-off is necessary is justify (it is necessary see the world because at fraudulent misrepresentation fulfilment threatens haemorrhage). Preferably is entrust to care of claw his veterinarian.

For danger of different infectious disease one may of which be and vital is necessary inscribe to increasing attention vaccinations our doggy. Z them is possibly enumerate:

1.Madness (rabies, lyssa) – R vaccination obligatory from 3 to 6 months
2.Distemper – marked D vaccination necessary after 6th week
3.Parvovirosa – marked P vaccination necessary after 6th week
4.Infectious hepatitis – marked H vaccination necessary after 8th week
5.Influenza of dogs psů (paraintluenza) vaccination necessary after 8th week
6.Infectious cough (laryngotracheitis)
   marked Pi
vaccination necessary after 8th week
7.Leptospirosa – L vaccination necessary after 9th week
8.Coronavirosa – C vaccination possible after 6th week
9.Lymph borreliosis vaccination possible from 3 months
10.Tetanus vaccination possible from 3 months
11.Infekction bordetellami(inspiratory
vaccination possible after 8th week
12.Giardioza vaccination possible after 8th week
13.Dermatophytosa (behind-scolding) vaccination possible  from 3 months

With training cleanliness is preferably start immediately after taking pup. Pup pursuance of his needs mostly up awakening or up foods. Proprietary cottage with gardens advantage and it is possible start off by training immediately. Proprietary doggy in apartment start off by training on locality on paper or better on swaddling-clothes for pup. Here then step by step scrolling behind all the time praise up well done needs to door and later doggy up awakening and foods lead out and with swaddling-clothes, which later already omission. Trace up preparations puppy to act isn't at bit patience problem and always him translocation whereupon swaddling-clothes. Always unforgotten very compliment and give small dainty. When with pup entanglement in apartment, never him behind it not punish, can would it have undesirable aftermath. Every pup before beyond do one's needs, pursue definite signals, most often sniff floor cyclic. Among fulfilment needs and signal lapse while, that is why would yourself had these indicia attend, behind-sometime is certainly very well diagnosis. His doggery it is possible teach exert needs on command, which later certainly value. When with pup prepare do one's needs on right places, utter command, e.g . „pee", when that pup needs fulfilment, compliment is. Is neither so responsible position, on forms command, however it is necessary, to was every time like.

On right development pup affect and playing. Ideal is when games begins holder though feigned. No when yourself it mined out pup. Just minutes till two hold on and then games initiate alone. It has big meaning near in particular dominant individuals! Ideal toy they are ball, et al. shapes from hard rubbers, imitation bone from hard wood or hard compound word. Ropes from clean cottons. Ball accrue leave incommodious, unused no plastic bottles nor plastic bracket about which you do not know, that does not contain phthalate or other dangerous articles. Squeaky toys are not perhaps so for TM best. Major youth is later possibility give log wood on hack. Clean thereby and set of teeth.

Baskets for rubbish placing out of reach your dear, preferably into chambers to which hasn't access. Avoid especially ingurgitation microtenbag, which they can make at repeated passage through bowels much mischief, because in alimentary canal slack harmfull pollutants. Especially throw about not bag from paste and or by other alluring dish.

Training on collar and handbasket transaction from under fourth months by the help of slow time. Always pup very compliment and give to him dainty. Preferably is stool collar, as far as is pup no-wherewith very possession. Initially on minimal sometime and step by step interval protraction.

Nevertheless, that Tibetian bandog wont from under babyhood stay yearly outside, small pup into time reinoculation (and activation antibodies – 10 till 14 days) is better have in.. I then isn't good bar pup nor adult doggery access within doors, because TD unprotected only territory about houses and building in itself, but and you. Wants have survey about events about she and feel exist present-day of your families. Is good come off pup some lair and just hereto initially bit netted of an old carpeting. Later with indeed title to size lair heighten. Is good, to was soft for one's sake callous elbows. You later attendance oil from Australian tea plant. In case that rain or expressive bad weather is good, to have pup some hiding place, just protection porch and so on

Ones of the decisive components care of pup is correct diet. Advise feed top-echelon state inasmuch as, that mollosoid race putting presto on vase and it is necessary, to joints and sinews those development suffice. Advise pasturage Brit Care Puppy and Junior Care Large Breed. This pasturage includes among others chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate as well like omega 3 and omega 6 greasy acids. First it is necessary to prosperous development joint, sinews and frame, second to right molding hair and skin. Further ratio sustenance is ideal ratio and be involved in easily available, largely chelate forms and beyond isn't pasturage chemical packing. Is then necessary storage him in chilling and dry atmosphere. Ideal they are barrels on pasturage, which besides sometimes from firm getting free, as well like graduator. For you, who want have health his mite insurance as it were whereupon 100% it is possible carry the hod produce firm Vetoquinol on joints and hair. Cost-effective variant is then product firm Orling Gelacan plus baby. Dosage definitely stay down whereupon recommendation balk! Feed 4X every day until age of three or better tetra month. Then just fodder 3X every day. From 6 – 7 month it can be come up to fodder 2X every day but advise near fodder 3X every day stay on the ground of better digestion and limitation danger of twist stomach. Feed in principle up walks or up activities. In of our stallion station fare you have all the time 60 °C warm by water and fodder 3X every day. Is then indeed necessary clean doggery teeth and give to them something on biting and mastication. Fodder letting disestablishment till is lukewarm and then feed. Soak scale 1:1 till 1:1,5. Pasturage Eukanuba saiga waters very well and quickly. Quality fare definitely underestimate not, because mistakes in sustenance during 1st of the year life already it is impossible set right!

At an early age is necessity have an eye to to it our young doggy, later youth to a fault with activities, then movement adequate, no very long walks, and especially is necessity avoid jump and hence impact on acetabul and capital hip joint, which slowly ossify and didn't have to would with form without changes and in the event of negative DKK of all ancestral! Games pup with adult doggery that is why keep under control and intrigue pup rather play, which evolve his wits. We can already and with small TD for example examine be on the look for secret bracket, then a little trace. As far as think to do later on imposing career is necessary slowly start from under babyhood then from 4. - 5. months with training. From 6. months with we can already enroll on show in caregory young.

Hope, that you these in brief counsel will to the benefit and if need be with convert to our stallion station.